Bob’s Fishing Report


 Fishing Report as of 04/17/2019


Lake level is 715.99and water temp 54 in the Osage and Grand.  The water is clearing in the dam are and most of the creek arms also.  They are running the dam and dropping Truman Lake about 4 feet this week,

Sid & Hiram’caught some big ones


Crappie are in their mid staging pattern here in the Dam area of the lake.  Swarmjigs of various colors are taking lots of limits.  The lower part of the lake is finding crappie about 10-12ft in 20-25 foot of water.  Most of the crappie have been found in the mouths to half way back of spawning coves.  Look for water temp. of at least 58 degrees or higher in the very backs of known spawning coves or in the very backs of the creeks.  One day they may be 12ft down in 22 ft creek channel and then late in the evening, up in 2 feet of water.   We used various colors of Swarmjigs and different color 1/4oz jig heads and doesn’t seem to make much difference.  DEPTH is key and holding the rod as still as possible.    The spider riggers are using minnows and taking lots of fish in a short period of time.  I still like to feel the “thump”, but to each his own as long as you are catching fish.

That’s it for April 17, 2019 fishing  report… Help the other guy when you can. I hope that all of you remember your life jacket works better when it is worn.