Bob’s Fishing Report


 Fishing Report as of 10/03/2018


Barry & Steve

Dave & Austin

Lake level is 706.43 and water temp 74in the Osage and Grand. The current water clarity is clear almost everywhere.

The Hybrids and Whites can now be found both on the windy banks and some of the shallow humps as the fall feed gets underway.  Last week I caught limits of whites and hybrids on the shallow humps about 16 feet.  Steve Blake caught limits off the windy banks.  I used spoons and he used top water and inline spinners.  The bite was from early morning all day long.

Crappie are still good both on the brush piles and trees. In the clear water near the dam the fish are down 10 to 15 ft while up the rivers fish are being caught 8 to 10 ft down in 10 to 15 feet of water.

I get a lot of calls for walleye fishing guide and since I don’t guide for walleye and I doubt most of the honest guides will tell you the same thing, I finally found a guy that does nothing but walleye fish and he is really good.  I have referred several people to him and they have said he is tops.  His name is Tony Galant and you can reach him at (816) 365-4351.

That’s it for October 3, 2018 fishing  report… Help the other guy when you can. I hope that all of you remember your life jacket works better when it is worn.  Pleased note the addition of a Memorial Tournament News menu item at the top of my site which hopefully I can keep up with.  If you know of one, please email me the information where I can link up with it…..Thanks