Bob’s Fishing Report

 Fishing Report as of 02/1/2019


Lake level is 707.82 and water temp 35 in the Osage and Grand. There are currently patches of ice but it is breaking up pretty well with the dam pulling water and by the weekend should only be in the very back of the coves.  Bucksaw and Windsor Crossing are already iced over. Sterett Creek is icing over as well.  The last places to freeze up where one might get a boat in would be Shawnee Bend and the old city ramp on the river if they continue to run water.


Crappie are in their winter pattern here in the Dam area of the lake.  Swarmjigs of various colors are taking lots of limits.  The lower part of the lake is finding crappie about 16-26 ft just off the steep banks and above deep water brush piles with tops at about 14 feet. The bite has been lighter as the crappie are full of shad but are still feeding up for winter.  We have used various colors of Sawrmjigs and different color 1/4oz jig heads and doesn’t seem to make much difference.  DEPTH is key and holding the rod as still as possible.  Lots of Shad schools containing crappie and whites.  Fish the top foot of the shad and hang on…move slowly….

That’s it for February 1, 2019 fishing  report… Help the other guy when you can. I hope that all of you remember your life jacket works better when it is worn.  Take an extra set of warm clothes just to be safe…..