Bob’s Fishing Report

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 Fishing Report as of 06/15/2019


Lake level is 736.85 and falling as they are running water. It  appears so far that they are dropping the level about 6 inches a day. The water temp 75 in the Osage and Grand.  The water is badly stained  and moving a lot of debris in most of the Osage. I found the Grand in good shape.   Please be Extra Careful as some of these logs you won’t see until you hit them.

Crappie are being caught on red and chartreuse swarmjigs or minnows in 10-20 feet of water about 8-12 down,  Lots of small crappie to weed through but lots of 11 and 12 inch fish also.  

Rich’s first boated Hybrid

Hybrids caught today in 16-18 feet of water on sassy shad and live shad.  Look for shallow humps that the dam is pulling water over.

All of the corp ramps have been pulled. State Park Marina is still launching boats off the marina road and providing shuttle service to the marina. State Park is still operational other than they finally had to shut the gas pumps down due to high water. You have to back your trailer a long way so allow plenty of patience before trying this feat.  Sterett Creek finally had to throw in the towel when the water covered all the entrances to the motel parking lot and now the entire road is closed. Long Shoal is shuttling to the Marina.

That’s it for June 15. 2019 fishing  report… Help the other guy when you can. I hope that all of you remember your life jacket works better when it is worn.