• “Tag-a-long boats” must assume their own risk for damages to their boat or for personal injuries.

In case severe weather makes the remainder of your choice of trips unattainable, concessions are as follows:

    • If an all day trip has lasted at least 4 hours, only a half day rate plus gas, oil and bait will be charged.

If a half day trip has lasted less than 3 hours, only gas, oil and bait will be charged.

I will be the judge of whether the trip can continue because of weather.

Payment for all services is due, payable in cash, at the end of the chosen trip choice.  Sorry no checks or Credit Cards.

Each of the guide trip packages are based on 2-persons. A $50.00 charge for a third person will be added to chosen package. If there are more in your fishing party, additional guides and boats will be required. This rule is based on safety of those on board and also for your enjoyment. Additional guide charges are based on the package selected.

While emergencies do arise, a cancellation notice is requested as soon as possible if you cannot keep your reservation. If weather has moved in, I will try and contact you to discuss the day’s possibilities.

If you cannot swim, you must notify me before the start of the trip as life jackets are on board for the number of people on board, and you may be required to wear a life jacket at all times or only when the boat is underway.

If you have a medical condition that requires you to eat at a specific time and you have not brought a lunch, you must notify me so we can return in time for you to eat. Lunch is each person’s responsibility.