Since 1985. I have been fishing the waters of Truman Lake, the home of some of the largest hybrids  around. Crappie and White Bass inhabit the lake in large numbers.  It would be my pleasure to take you on a fun filled day of fishing, or a half-day if you prefer.

I provide a 2011 Nitro 20-ft. boat with a 2019 Suzuki 250 Four Stroke for your safety and ability to search the lake from one end to the other in a timely fashion. The boat is equipped with a GPS, Garmin Panoptics livescope and a Humminbird 360 to assist in finding the fish. I will also provide fishing tackle.

Bob & 8lb


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Bob’s Fishing Report

 Fishing Report as of 01/13/2020


Lake level is 711.00 .  The water temp 38 in the Osage and Grand.  The water is clear to stained.  

Fishing reports will be on hold for awhile.  For Christmas this year, my partner in crime and passion, found out she has stage 4 Liver, stomach and Pancreatic cancer.  It was a crushing discovery for us both as it came from out of nowhere.  She has chosen not to have Chemo nor radiation and let nature take its course.  She is, however, taking part in some clinical trials at the Kansas University Medical Center…Of course there is always that miracle cure from our Heavenly Father.  Once we get our feet on the ground and I get back to fishing, I will resume my reports…Until then keep an eye on Sterett Creek Fishing Report with Steve Blake.

I will be taking bookings for Guide Trips beginning in March 2020.  I will take only half day trips until then….Thank you for your understanding during this trying time.

That’s it for January 13, 2020 fishing  report… Help the other guy when you can. I hope that all of you remember your life jacket works better when it is worn….If you are so a mind, please say a prayer for all those battling this cancer disease…Thanks, Ole Bob



Package Rates

full day on the lake begins about 8 a.m. and ends about 5p.m. for 1 or 2 people $300.00 plus fuel.. Third person charge is $50.00.

Half day on the lake is usually 4  hours for 1 or 2 people. $200.00 plus fuel. Third person charge is $50.00.

Tag-A-Long Boats at $50.00 per boat per day with one of the above packages. Please note that I am not responsible for damages to Tag-A-Long Boats or for personal injuries or other losses.